Paradise Lost Island - Funzi Island

Departure time from your hotel – 6.00am Mombasa north coast beach and 7.00am from Diani beach) this excusion takes you further in the south of Mombasa town. You will have an opportunity to interact with the local communities of the Digo, Shiranzi ,Vumba Tswaka sub-tribes which migrated from Tanzania in the mid 17 to 18th centuries and intermarried with the local communities. After travelling across, the coconut plantations, sugarcane plantations, lastly you will arrive at Bodo beach, a coconut fringed remote village.

A Swahili Dhow which is motorized will take you to explore the beautifull scenary of patches of mangroven islands,.which was resulted by the Ramisi river flowing at a lower Basin land thus meandering and divided into several arms as it enters into the Indian ocean.

This formation of bay results into sand dunes. In between clear water pools at the sea shores. The jahazi cruise Dhow crew and its captains. Will take you to explore the beautiful creek to open waters in sea in searchfor dolphins which can be sported here. Return to the coral gardens. After one hour snorkeling emberk on board of your Dhow.and here you will take a motorized speed boat to explore the meandering Ramisi river, beautiful aquatic birds can be seen here such as palm nut vultures, fish eagles, cormorants and many more other aquatic bird species.

After long boat ride return to the magnificent island of Funzi for lunch. A sea food lunch will be served in afro Arabic mode; rice prepared with coconut sauce, grilled lobsters, prawns, calamari, crabs, potatoes prepared with coconut sauce, Manioc (cassava) pumpkins etc.

After lunch you will relax shortly and , then your guide will take you for the island walk to interact with the local shirazi villagers, and dancers.Visit marternal school for those who wish to assist on education.

After an hour of village walk, embark on your Dhow and cruise to Bodo Village on the sea shore and rejoin your buses to drive back to your hotels