One Day Malindi Tour

One Day Malindi Tour

Your tour operator will pick you up from the Hotel at 6:00am.Travel to northern part of Mombasa across the sisal plantations.
After one hour drive you will have breakfast at a stop over restaurant at Kilifi town.

After breakfast travel to Malindi Marine Park, explore the beautiful marine ecosystem, through boat rides, snorkling, goggling. Malindi marine park is rich in marine life, e.g. various species of turtles, dolphines etc.

After snorkling tour, your naturalists guide will lead you to the famous historical museum of vascodagama’s pillar.
After the monuments and museum visit, you will walk to the nearby famous hotel for lunch at Scorpio villas you will be serve with sea food lunch as well as a mixed delicatesy of African Swahili meals.

After lunch visit shortly the local African open air market briefly then visit the birds sanctuary of malindi.You have an opportunity to play with the birds of birds of prey e.g. eagles, kites, buzzards and many other species of reptiles.

For the guests who do not prefer the snorking tour an optional programme of African traditional villages at Gedi museum, traditional dancers and butterfly farm visit, to see most of the beautiful African butterfly species.