1 Day Shimba Hills Safari

1 Day Shimba Hills Safari (Falls Adventure)

Departure very early in the morning on your safari bus arrive 7:00 am at Shimba Hills game reserve gate. Adventure at the park at various- circuits of the tropical rain forest reserve until 9:30 am, for the guest who are willing to take an adventure walk to the Sheldrick falls in the company of an armed game ranger. The thundering and roaring sound of the water falls, birds sounds, animal sounds and traces of their foot paths a cross 5 km walk will make your holiday a true adventure.

While on Safari in the park you are likely to see some herds of the rare sable antelopes, roan antelopes, Buffalos wallowing at the water holes, Elephants Girrafes, Elephant shrew, Warthogs,Timid Leopards which are rarely sported etc.

NB- The tour to Sheldrick falls is streneous therefore very old people and sick people are advised not to participate in the trek but they can continue on their safari as the other do so.

Lunch will be served at the only tree hotel at the coast (Shimba tree- top lodge). After lunch have an evening game drive until the appropriate time for you to reachat your beach resort late in the evening